Executive Committee

The Association of Performing Arts Collections is run by an Executive Committee elected at the Annual General Meeting. The committee consists of the Chair, Secretary, Membership Secretary/Treasurer, Publicity Officer, Website Officer, and Officer Without Portfolio. Each named office may be shared by two members; there may be up to four Officers Without Portfolio. The Executive Committee can be contacted at excom@performingartscollections.org.uk.

Officers for 2016/17

Chair: Karin Brown
Karin is Shakespeare Institute Librarian at the University of Birmingham.

Chair: Arike Oke
Arike is a writer and the Rambert Archivist. She is a member of the Transforming Archives Project Board.

Secretary: Erin Lee
Erin is Archivist of the National Theatre Archive.

Membership Secretary/Treasurer: Ramona Riedzewski
Ramona is Archivist and Conservation Manager of the V&A Department of Theatre and Performance. She is also a member of the SIBMAS Executive Committee.

Website Officer: Chris Jones
The dance research facilitator at the University of Roehampton, Chris is an individual APAC member. She has worked in the archives of the National Resource Centre for Dance and the Royal Opera House.

Officer Without Portfolio: Eleanor Fitzpatrick
Eleanor is Archives and Records Manager of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Officer Without Portfolio: Jane Gallagher
Jane is Senior Special Collections Assistant at the University of Kent’s Special Collections & Archives. Her work includes promoting, cataloguing and caring for the Theatre & Performance Archives in this Collection.

Officer Without Portfolio: Liz Harper
Liz is Archive Manager of the Royal Albert Hall.

Officer Without Portfolio: Biddy Hayward
Biddy runs the ArenaPAL Performing Arts Image Library.

Officer Without Portfolio: Barry Houlihan
Barry is Archivist at the James Hardiman Library, National University of Ireland, Galway.